Thursday, March 19, 2009

Christmas memories

Recently I've been thinking about Christmas.  It was good this year having mom and dad home all to myself, and I loved my new pillow Christmas present. 

Soon I'll be chasing bunnies, but they don't have to worry because I'm a vegan!  I'm looking forward to eating good fresh veggies this summer!  I'm glad mom gets bananas for me all year round though!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunshine is wonderful! This morning I have been sitting in the sun enjoying myself. I dream about these kinds of days when it's a cold dark winter. The golden rays shine their warmth on me and I feel good from my nose to the tip of my tail. Ahhh, the good days of summer!

The bad thing is that Martina has suitcases around her room today. I am afraid that she will be leaving soon! I hate it when anyone leaves, and sometimes I crawl into the suitcase to make sure that they don't forget that I will miss them. I wish Martina would take mom, dad and me with her!

At least the warm days aren't over yet. Mom and Dad are still here, and the sun is still shining, and flowers still blooming. And best of all, God is good!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Alive and well!

Hello everyone! I'm alive and well!

Tee is home for the summer, and today we went outside on a blanket in the sunshine and read books. Well... I sat on the books, but Tee read others. It was pretty hot out there!
Mom and Dad are busy, but still have fun spending time with Tee and I. I'm sad because Petra and Paul don't come home on weekends like they used to. I've heard that they are somewhere called Ethiopia. I miss them!

I'm very happy because, since my last post, I have become a vegetarian! I don't like killing animals to eat them when I can have such good food without hurting anyone else! The vet says my coat is nice and shiny. I don't have as much arthritis with my new diet, so I can run up and down the stairs with more vigor! I get very good food: rice, tomatoes, carrots, oatmeal... but my favorite is still bananas!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Signs of Spring

Here I am looking for signs of spring! They are overwhelming me! It is so pretty and there are so many interesting things to sniff. I like running through the soft soil and digging my nose into the newly planted flower beds. I think Mom really appreciates this, because I see her digging all the time. I try and do my part to help Mom and Dad as they work in the yard. I am so glad that God made the springtime! I can smell the baby bunnies, but I haven't seen them yet. Soon we will be racing around the yard, but it is no fair that they can fit under the fences and I can't. I hear lots of birds singing, and I see them building their nests. I like the bright yellow goldfinches and bright red cardinals best. I guess you could say that I like bright colors, and the spring is the brightest and best!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The girls must be at the kennel

It was so great to have the girls home for Christmas that I wasn't quite prepared for how lonely it would be when they left again. They seem to be gone a long time at the kennel! Paul and Petra come and go, so he must pick her up from the boarding kennel, but I think he should bring Martina home too!

I was so glad when we finally got some snow! It is so lovely and white. I love to rub my belly in the snow when we are going for a walk. But this time when the snow came, it got covered with ice! I could walk right across it! When I went chasing after those pesky squirrels I would go sliding! Most of that snow melted away and then we got some of the fluffier stuff! That is lots of fun, and I can chase squirrels just fine!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy days

Yesterday was a very good day!
I was placed in my boudoir for part of the morning, and judging from the silence upstairs, no one was home. Martina and Mom came back after a while with many paper bags that smelled of food. I tried to investigate and see if there was anything that needed to be eaten, but I was shooed away. I did ascertain that there was no kibble, but the food in the bags smelled mighty fine, and I hope that maybe I can sample it sometime.
I helped mom in the kitchen yesterday too. I like to sit at a strategic spot right by the sink and trash can. That way I can inspect everything that is being thrown out. I always love to be in the kitchen when Mom is cooking because everything smells so good!
I love it when Martina practices her oboe and viola. I like to go in and out of her room to check on her, I don't believe in too much solid practicing. Usually her practicing is a family affair. Ching likes to ride in Martina's pocket, and Klaus loves to whistle to Martina's toes. We are very musical cohorts.
Today has been a good day too. From the bustle I can tell that there are Sabbath preparations. Klaus and Ching have clean cages, the rooms and bathrooms are all tidy, and the vacuuming is underway. The only bad part of the cleaning is that all of the toys I have arranged in various places of the house somehow always get put neatly away in my toy basket. No matter, that is a problem easily fixed.
I hope you all have a great Sabbath!